Top five gaming mouse at one hundred thousand

Teknologikhu.Org - Gaming activities, very popular with people nowadays. Starting from using Android Mobile or Smartphone only until the use of special PC Game play. No responsibility many people even find a special HP that is suitable or suitable in support of this gaming activity. As for those who use computers, laptops or PCS they will look for good equipment to make the online game more complete and fun. Usually what is noticed before buying is from the computer spec along with a variety of accessories that complement it. One of the simplest but important is the use of Mouse.

The usual Mouse – obviously will certainly reduce the comfort and the skill you play so it won't be maximized. Gamers are obliged to have a gaming mouse if they want to enjoy the game very well. Because the actual utilization of special equipment playing online games can improve the performance and quality of the game itself and also improve the aesthetics of beauty on your PC. Because of the need, many vendors start producing gaming mice with a wide variety of models, specifications and prices. So when you intend to buy in an electronics store there will be a lot of interesting options for you.

For those of you who have enough or more Budget can choose the best mouse from Razer Mouse, Steel Series, or Logitech. Because it is famous for its good quality to play games on PC, this Mouse can be very helpful. Well, what about the thin budget, is it able to get a good Mouse specification for gaming for only a cheap price? Just relax, although the one you meet is an expensive cost mouse, in fact several types of Mouse type below can you get only at a price below one hundred thousand.

Although the price is cheap, of course does not reduce the quality on offer from your PC device. This gaming-specific Mouse has a low cost but not cheap. So for those of you who want to immediately get a Review and brief information about the best Mouse list for Online gaming games on PC is very cheap, also with the design and the best features of its class, please follow the discussion below.

Best cheap Gaming mice under one hundred thousand

Top five gaming mouse at one hundred thousand
Top five gaming mouse

1. SLEC Gaming Gear Wireless

SLEC Gaming Gear Wireles is one of the first recommended gaming Mouse types. The Wireless Gaming Mouse NC600 SLEC PRO has a black color with a slight blend of blue dash that makes it not like a regular mouse. With the price in the official of 88 thousand rupiahs, you've got a variety of services like expensive mice in general. For how to use it is not a worry you just plug it. As for the maximum transmission distance is 10-15m. It has also available a special switch for power saving mode.

Besides that is not less cool with expensive mouse, for ease in surfing the internet SLEC Gaming Gear Wirelessini has 5 buttons including keyPage Forward, Scroller and Backward. Then it's still the same as the wireless gaming mouse normally, this mouse uses 2 AAA batteries. But it will be cool because it has energy saving features like Auto Power Off when the mouse is not worn for a while.

2. Rexus Aviator Wireless Gaming Mouse

If usually Rexus is known for trademark accessories the best with a high price, not with this one product. As a trusted provider Rexus managed to deliver gaming mice with a reliable price according to its class. Rexus Aviator can be said to be the Special Edition of Rexus because the price can reach a thin bag. Generally you can get with the price of ninety thousand only.

However, don't get this wrong as a big breakthrough in the gaming accessories market when it comes to the high level of the dot per Inch 2000dpi readings. Bringing out the 6 keys/key mouse shows the same features as expensive mice in general. It distinguishes it from other mice using the 3G Laser Sensor, which makes its design and model cool. Suitable for you who also pay attention to the current mode.

3. NAFEE Iron Man Wireless Gaming Mouse

If you want to look cool with accessories that support playing Gaming, NAFEE Iron Man Wireless is the answer. The design like Iron Man and ERGONOMIC will make your hand feel comfort and spoil you at gaming. In addition, this Mouse has equipped Function keys which are suitable to accompany you to play the game with fun. Of all these advantages, you will find other advantages. One of the other advantages of NAFEE is that it is equipped with 2000DPI or we can set itself from 1000-1600-2000DPI using key/DPI Shift button. To be able to obtain it is not necessary at a high price, because you can buy at an eighty eight thousand price only.

4. R8 1616 Gaming Mouse

Furthermore, a good Gaming Mouse but reasonably priced comes from the R8 1616 Gaming Mouse. This Mouse itself has a level of solitude of 1200Dpi. However, when you look at the look and the design is made quite elegant, which is accompanied by a bright light from the blue sky that shines from the shoulders of the mouse. With a cheap price suitable for a friend who wants to have a gaming mouse with models and designs are simple, simple and cool. The price of this mouse is priced at a price range of eighty thousand.

5. Marvo M906 Gaming Mouse

The next Mouse game play on PC which is recommended is from the brand Marvo M906. Where this one Mouse has six key/buttons that can be used. In this brand Mouse there is a switching Mode that allows you to easily uninstall and also change the shape of this mouse to suit your own tastes and desires. Not interesting? Nevertheless this Mouse is only priced at a price range of eighty five only.

The explanation above is a collection of trusted news to meet your needs around the information of electronic devices that you are currently in. After gaining careful knowledge, please check it out directly at your favorite store or find its reference first on the Internet. Various online buying and selling applications are also designed to help you shop without leaving home. The best Gaming Mouse at this affordable rate you can also get there. You can check and see on the famous online Marketplace like Amazon,, Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Zilingo, Zalora, Tokobagus and so on.

Just before you buy, you should pay attention to the Tips and practical advice first. Because the price is very cheap, if you buy it directly please check and check if the product is original or not and note the specifics of whether to suit your needs. As for Online purchases, please be cautious for purchases that do not match the original. This of course avoids your disappointment for having incorrectly purchased the product. Hopefully useful and good shopping.

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