Price List of new computer Assemblies one package (Acer, Asus, Samsung)

Teknologikhu.Org - Advanced technology is a necessity for today's modern society. Thanks to the wide range of technology that have been designed to facilitate all work. One of them is the use of computers that are considered capable of completing various types of work in companies, business organizations, groups and private businesses. The need for this one electronic device is growing ever more days.

Whether the computer is an assembly type or built-up, the same has its own appeal for its users. Many famous brands from storage machines and data processors began to emerge. From Acer, Asus, Samsung, Lenovo, Core, AMD, HP, Dell and so on. Maybe for a computer type built up you've often seen and used, but what about computer assemblies? Assembly computers are the types of computers that the manufacturing process does through its own assembly with existing standards.

Although the weakness is through the assembly process itself, this tool also has several advantages.  Do you know? Advantages of this computer do not doubt. Because some people prefer and get a raft of computers rather than built up. Why? In addition to the cheaper and affordable price, this type of computer can also be adapted to the wishes and needs of its users.

The cost for repairs will be more efficient and the treatment is only done in the damaged part. Not interesting? This is the advantage of assembly computer use. No wonder some interested people will find the latest reference information about the package price list or per section, its specifications, features full features, good brand and recommended, how to care, use, Shopping computer assemblies Trusted and many more.

Create a buddy who is looking for the information, as follows will be a complete and reliable explanation of the brief. The price of each brand can change – change according to the passage of time. Well, the price list of computer assemblies below is the latest price that you can adjust to your interests, needs and money in your pockets. Unlike the more expensive built-up computers, you can choose an assembly computer in a cheap package that does not reduce its qualification. Are you curious? For that, just go through the discussion on the description as follows:

Price List of new computer Assemblies one package (Acer, Asus, Samsung)

Price List of new computer Assemblies one package (Acer, Asus, Samsung)
Price List of new computer

1. INTEL CORE I3 + 19 Inch Monitor Samsung PC

A Samsung computer with a 19 inch monitor is one of the assembled computers with a weight of 20.0 Kg. A variety of computer accessories added to add convenience is hard disk capacity with a large 320 GB and 4 GB of memory capacity. For a more complete description is the Intel Core Full Set with specifications Intel Core i3 550 3.2 GHz, 320GB HDD, Samsung Monitor with LED by 19 inch official, Keyboard, Micropack Mouse, Kenion Gaming Headset and so on. The rates offered are about four million.


Computers with the ASUS brand are included in an advanced computer that already uses the Intel i3 processor feature at a speed of 3.3 GHz. The PC has also been equipped with a display of 18.5 inches that uses Intel HD technology variations in its graphics . In addition, this type of computer is also added with a 2GB of DDR3 type RAM. Then, this computer is more interesting added to the camera, Bluetooth, LAN, USB, WiFi, as well as HDMI. The price of Asus PC itself is also not very expensive, which is ranging between six, one million.


If you are looking for a PC at a cheap and economically affordable rate then ASUS PC in this CM6731 ID003D series is perfect for your recommendation. Because this PC or computer is still using the name of an Intel dual core processor with a speed of 3 Ghz. Nevertheless, this computer is well suited for use in office work that doesn't work too much on a computer. Interestingly again, the computer has been equipped with 2 GB of RAM and a maximum hard disk capacity of 500 GB. As for the screen used is about 15.6 inches. As for the price for this PC is quite cheap and affordable that is four, seven million.

4. Acer SERIES AXC605

Next is the computer of this Acer brand that has the advantage of not inferior to the other. Where Acer has a huge memory that is at least 1 TB. With that large enough memory, it allows you to store more important office data in this 1 computer alone. In addition, on this computer has also made use of Intel i3 technology and plus Nvidia graphics. While the screen is used is a screen with LED and size about 15 inches. To be able to use this PC you do not need a certain OS, because this PC can actually be installed with all the OS. Then for the price itself is offered about six, four million.

The explanation above is updated information about the price and the cost of purchasing the assembly computer. You can directly check on your favorite electronics store directly. Or for those of you who do not want to bother traveling, use your Android Hndphone to know the information as you do right now. Various websites and online shopping apps are also designed to help you like Amazon, Lazada, Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Zalora, Zilingo,, OLX, and so on. Whether you want to buy online or directly need to make sure it suits your needs and tastes.

Typically, certain electronics stores also do attractive deals to further attract the attention of consumers. So, you can try to check to get a cheaper price and rate with discounted prices, discounts, prizes, and various other attractive offers. If the cost of purchase and booking may differ slightly from the information above it is reasonable. Because the actual rates are each applied differently in each area even between the stores. So, be wise when going to buy. Hopefully this information is useful and good shopping.

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