Flash Mobile Android is understanding and complete explanation 2020

Teknologikhu.Org - The term Flashing or Flash on Android Mobile is an activity to reinstall both Android OS and Smartphone. But do you know, what is the purpose of flash? Or what are the benefits? We can know the answer if we understand and understand in advance the understanding and explanation is complete. There are even some triggers and causes of our device to be in Flash.

Android Smartphone users will usually bring to the service provider or the counter to re-flash the phone. But what if you don't have enough time to go to the counter? You have to Flashing Android yourself instead? There are several ways to flash mobile with laptop or without PC either for Samsung Mobile, Vivo, Asus, Oppo, Apple etc.

But before that, you should also know the signs or features that allow your mobile phone to do flashing. Then, make sure that you understand the risks and disadvantages of flashing if you fail to do so. To do so, check out the detailed discussion below.

Flash Mobile Android is | Understanding and complete explanation

Flash Mobile Android is understanding and complete explanation
Flash Mobile Android is understanding and complete explanation


Simply put, Android Flash is a reinstall of the Android operating system using its name stock or custom ROM. The goal is to make mobile smartphone or Android can be back like the first time you bought the Smartphone. Flashing process itself can be done directly through stock recovery or custom recovery or with the help of a computer PC or laptop.


1. Phone performance becomes Normal

After a flash reset then what happens is the overall performance of your phone system will return to normal. This is the purpose of flash on Android Mobile is to normalize the Android phone which is likely after how long the usage has already lost some of its functions. Then after the flash, the system function will return to normal.

2. File system become Fresh

After flashing, your phone will be true fresh just like the first time used. The system on which it is damaged will be re-patched with new files that are fresher and can run Android function normally like the first time you buy it.

3. Patch security gaps and bugs

In addition to its benefits that serve to improve performance on the system, re-flashing is also beneficial in the case of patch security gaps and improve the presence of bugs. The default of the phone will usually patch some program errors in the default firmware Si phone. Because the manufacturer of size itself generally always hold a firmware update and publish it for the purpose of repair periodically.

4. Rearranging storage Media

On the flashing process, the whole included storage media on the phone will be reset as well.  If there is a damaged sector, the media format will be done so that the storage space will return fresh and the maximum function again.


1. Mobile Phone experience Total shutdown

In addition to the good advantages, it turns out that the flash process also has a shortage that should not be just so uncrossed. The possible consequences are that the phone only takes out logos or even to the total death. Why can this happen? The trigger could be due to a mismatch between firmware and flashing process.

2. Eliminating warranty

Well, the result of doing this flash is also you can lose your phone warranty. Still choose to do flash when your mobile is still guaranteed to cause when you make a claim to the service center or the distributor can not be done anymore.

Because the flash actually does not delete or install any firmware that is not allowed on the warranty agreement. So, preferably if your smartphone is still under warranty just take it to the service center concerned in the area to do flashing.


1. Flashing using a Laptop PC

First, you need to make mobile in download mode. How? Just press the Power, home, volume down buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. At that moment wait until it goes into download mode. When the writing has been popped out both previous buttons and press vol up for the next process.

Second, open the pre-installed Odin app and connect to Android via USB computer. Generally Odin directly performs device detection. After that, select the PDA section and look for the ROM file that was downloaded earlier. Usually the format is MD5, if still in the form of archive please extract it first.

After that wait until the file goes into Odin. Then press the Start button to start the installation process or re-flashing on your Android or Smartphone. Once the green sign appears in the upper left corner, you should unplug the USB from your PC. At this stage the process of flashing is complete, but sometimes Android will experience the name Bootop.

To overcome Bootlop, please go to recovery mode by pressing the power button, home, vol up for a while. After embossed vibration on Android Please release the power button but still hold the home button and vol up until finally entered in recovery mode.

After successful entry in recovery mode, you can move the selection with the help of volume buttons. At this stage select the data/factory and cache partition. For the "OK" option you can use the home button. When done reboot and finish. Your Android Smartphone is now finished in flashing or reinstalling.

2. Flashing without laptop PC

The second way to flashing a Smartphone or Android is without a laptop PC or computer. This way will likely be effective for those of you who are lazy to go to the Internet cafe or do not have a PC. How? First, prepare a Firmware or ROM that is already adapted to your Android or smartphone and place it on the SD Card.

Second, go to recovery mode in the same way as above. After going into recovery mode, you need to wipe data/factory reset, wipe Dalvik cache and wipe cache partition. After that click on the option "Apply Update From SD Card", then find the Firmware file that was set up earlier. The home button can help you select it.

Then, wait for the installation to complete. When you're done select the "Reboot Now" option at the very top with the goal of making your Android or smartphone boot. Well, now your phone is done flashing or reinstallation.

This is the pertinent information that answers your questions about what Flash is, its trigger, its advantages, flaws and how to do the flashing yourself. With that in mind, you are made possible to avoid errors and mistakes due to ignorance. This Tutorial is a method and tips to further maximize your mobile Smartphone or Android with Flash. So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.

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