Understanding, components, parts of the computer system

Teknologikhu.Org - Computer is a word that is familiar to our ears, there are many people who can use and exchange the computer. Although there are also those who can not do it, surely they still know what computer. A computer is an electronic tool that can help us perform various tasks such as calculations, creating documents, and so on.

The computer has a system in it, the computer has a system that is used to execute its commands and processes respectively. The system in the computer is interconnected with each other in order to generate information from the data being processed. Therefore, a computer does not stand alone, but it requires a system to execute commands and process data.

On this occasion I will give a review on understanding the computer system and its components are complete. For those of you who are new to the computer is still unfamiliar with the system on the computer and the components that are in it. Therefore, for those of you who do not yet know and are finding out, you can read this article until it is finished.

Understanding Computer Systems

Computer system is a collection of many computer devices that interact and connect with each other to perform the process of data processing so that it can produce an information that is desired by the user. The devices in the computer system are hardware, software, and Brainware.

Hardware, software, and Brainware have their own roles and functions in the computer system. Although they have their own duties and Its functions, they will support each other as they are in the area. Hardware will not be able to use without the software as well as the basket, and both of them will not be inactive if you do not use Brainware. So all three things must be there and interconnected so that the computer can run.

Computer system components

As I explained earlier that the system computer has several components including hardware, software, and Brainware. These three components relate to each other, here is a complete explanation of the components in the computer system.


Hardware is a hardware device that has a physical manifestation, so this hardware can be touched by us. Examples of hardware are processors, motherboards, harddrives, memory, power supply, and so on. Hardware is also divided into four parts:

Understanding, components, parts of the computer system
Understanding, components, parts of the computer system

1. Input (input device)

Input device is a computer device that function to insert data and commands into the computer. This input device is usually used to input commands and data into the computer used, the example of the input device is: mouse, keyboard, scanner, barcode, Web can, and others.

2. Output (output device)

Output device output is the device used to display the data of the processing result. So the input/input that was previously inserted after processing will be displayed in this output device, the example of the output device is a printer, monitor, projector, and others.

3. Processing (processing device)

The processing device is a device on the computer that is used as a data processing center. So processing device is arguably a computer brain, and is often called a CPU (Central Processing Unit). These processing devices will INTERASCT with input, output, and storage devices to execute user-entered commands.

4. Storage (storage device)

In a computer comes with a data storages tool to store data. Inside there is a larger data storage device as the main storage of the computer, which is usually called a hard drive.

With the hard drive, we can save and delete the data to our liking. As the technology grows, the capacity of the harddisk is now getting bigger and bigger again. Computer storage devices are differentiated into two internal and external.

Internal storage For example is a hard disk, the hard disk usually has a larger storage capacity because it is used as the main storage media in the computer, and for storage media that is While is RAM (Read Only Memory). For external storage is a hardware device that performs writing, reading, and storing data outside of the primary storage media. Examples include external hard drives, flashdisks, DVDS, and so on.

Software (software)

Software or software is a computer device in the form of programs and applications that exist in the computer, the software has no physical form, and can not be seen with the naked eye such as hardware.

Software can also be interpreted as a collection of electronic data that is stored and regulated by the computer. Software we can not touch and we can not see physically, this software can be used to set up the computer hardware. There are several types of software, for example:

1. Operating System

Computer operating system is a main computer program that is used to connect users with computer hardware. The operating system can also be interpreted as a software used to control and manage the hardware and commands done by the system, as well as to run the applications that exist and installed in the computer. Examples of computer operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and others.

2. Application program (Application Program)

The application Program is a software that is ready to use. This application Program is used to facilitate the work of computer users when doing various kinds of things such as data processing.

In a computer there are usually some applications tailored to its users. Examples of application programs are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Photoshop, Chrome, Firefox, and others.

3. Utility Program (additional programs)

This program is a program that is used to perform additional tasks, this program can also be called a support program or a supporting program that has its own functions. Examples of utility programs are Disk Defragment, Data Recovery, Screensaver, Backup, and others.

4. Program language

This program is a program that users use to interact with the computer, or it can be said as a standard instruction language that is used to be communicated and to give a particular in on the computer. Programming languages are some of them are HTML, PHP, Python, Java, C, Perl, and others.

Brainware (computer users)

Brainware is a user who runs or oprasized a computer. Brainware plays an important role so that the computer can run, if there are no users/humans who use the computer, then the computer becomes useless.

So it can be concluded that Brainware is everyone involved in computer utilization. Brainware is divided into four types including:

1. Programmer

Programmers are people who have the ability and expertise to master many or several programming languages, commonly used programming languages such as Java, PHP, C, Python, etc. So programmers are the ones who make the programs needed by the computer used to do sorts of things like data processing.

2. Analyst System

It is the person who has the task to do research, planning, coordinating, and recommend the choice of software, hardware, and system that is judged according to the needs of the user (individual, organization, company). So a system analysis is very important role in the process of developing a system. A system of analysis must have four skills, namely analysis, technical, managerial, and a way to communicate with other people or interpersonal.

One who has the ability to conduct an analysis will be able to understand the behavior of the organization and other functions. By having this capability, a system of analysis will be able to identify the best possible possibilities to solve the problem at hand. For technical ability, it is possible to understand the various potentials and also limitations of information technology.

As for managerial skills can help the management of resources, projects and so on. The interpersonal skills of an analytical system will be useful for interasting with the user or user. A system of analysis should also be able to understand and work by using various programming languages, operating systems, or any hardware used by the user.

3. Administrator

It is the task of managing the operating system and programs that exist and is running on a computer system.

4. Operator

It is someone who only makes use of pre-existing computer system or he only uses certain applications to perform data processing.

Such is a brief review of understanding computer systems and computer system components. Computer can not run by itself, without any of the three components of the computer, the computer will not be usable and will not be able to run, therefore, all components of the computer is very important. Thanks.

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