Ten best programming languages in Indonesia 2020

Teknologikhu.Org - In the increasingly sophisticated computer world, programming languages are now widely categorized as the best and most popular programming language. Up to now any type of language for computer programs is not just one or several but there are more. Therefore, the programmers can certainly feel confused in deciding which one to serve as an option. Yeah, the hardest part is when you will learn a variety of programming languages and decide which of these programming languages you want to be Consistent first. Software developers have found at least a wide range of more than a hundred programming languages used around the world. And each of them has its own uniqueness and complexity.

What is the actual programming language? According to its understanding, programming language is a word of instruction or command that generally consists of many lines that the computer can know and understand. According to this definition, not everyone can and can learn programming languages. This computer language is must be learned and mastered by the developers in order to build a specific software or application. Not with the study that recklessly because the programming language that is learned should be adapted to the needs of the application to be made.

In order to become an expert in programming, you need to know what kind of programming language to know which one is better suited. Of course in making a software or software does not use all existing programming languages. But it can be used only one or two programming languages in the process of developing software. Nowadays, some well-known research institutions have grouped the various programming languages that are listed in the most widely used and best programming language in Indonesia. This Data is a ranking made based on the most popular programming language in the world.

Knowing the best programming languages to learn will help you solve the most common and needed use cases. For example mobile development, web development, game development and many more especially in Indonesia. You can get more information by listening to the description as follows that will give clear explanation and description of the programming language that you can learn to improve your career and knowledge. Learn more, let's see the discussion below.

Ten best programming languages in Indonesia

Best programming languages in Indonesia
Best programming languages


The first programming language is JAVA. Maybe its popularity is already up to your ears instead? Java is one type of computer programs that can be run through various types of platforms, such as from PC to mobile devices. Historically, Java was originally developed in 1991 on The Green Project by The Sun Microsystem character and subsequently released on Oracle. Origin – The proposal of the name "JAVA" is chosen is because one of the founders is James Gosling who really liked the pure coffee that the manufacturing process is grinded directly with a milled machine (Coffe Tubruk), this coffee only comes from the island of Java, Indonesia.

Java is the most popular programming language to date. The advantage of this language is probably one of its appeal. Java's advantages include being able to run on different operating systems. This one programming language is also included in object orientation programming and a complete library available. So of course this will make it easier in the process of compiling the program. Most of the Android Smartphone applications are built using this Java language, because it used to be now a lot of needed.

2. C

The oldest language ever, the nickname is owned by the C programming language. Did you know that this one language has been developed around in the 70 's ignorance. From the history of its emergence was made by the language-maker Denis Ritchie. In Indonesia, Bahasa C is a popular type of programming language. Most of the colleges, especially IT departments or providers of programming courses, also learn C language before learning about other types of languages. Not because C language is basic knowledge but because language C is "father" of other programming languages.


Developed by Microsoft, Visual Basic offers Visual ideas for software creation. This one programming language is specially developed to create a software based operating system in Windows. This Visual Basic is descended from the Basic programming language. According to a survey conducted in 2005, there were at least 62% of the developers using Visual Basic for software development. This suggests that Visual Basic is one of the most popular programming languages in Indonesia. Now, in our own country there are about 22 thousand members or even more that belong to the group of Visual Basic Indonesia.

4. PHP

PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Pre-processor. PHP is the most widely used language in Indonesia. It may be because of its free use as well as its programming language which is server side scripting so that its appearance is designed to be able to build a dynamic website. For its own history PHP began to be developed by a figure named Rasmus Lerdrorf. The use of this PHP programming language has been applied to reputable websites such as social media Facebook, Digg or Wordpress in its development.


Phyton itself is one of the various computer languages that come in high levels. Where Phyton can be used to build an application software, both mobile-based and web-based. However, for the level of simplicity Python is relatively easier for a beginner because the language is easy to read and with the syntax that can be understood. No wonder many of the big companies also take advantage of it. For example, what you might know is Pinterest, Instagram and Rdio. Not only was Phyton also been used in developers for Google, Yahoo and NASA.


Javascript is a programming language successfully developed by Nestcafe. The use of this one programming language is mostly found in web development. With this JavaScript the benefits can be seen from the creation of an interactive and very interesting web. In Indonesia there is a group in social networks Facebook that discusses about JavaScript, its name is "JavaScript Indonesia". The group has been composed of more than 10 thousand members who are active up to now.

7. C++

This C++ programming language is one of the development of languages. Maybe you will see writing for C++ and C is almost similar but even so both languages have the difference in the problem solving. Well, generally in the C language problem solving is by means of division into a sub – sub smaller problem or we can refer to it as a procedural programming language.

As for the problem-solving in C++, it is more oriented towards the object of problems that are divided into classes.  For this C++ the history was first developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. From period to period of usage is very popular moreover also used by many large companies. Call it Adobe, Firefox, Winamp software that uses C++ in its development.

8. C#

C# is a successful programming language developed by Microsoft. For computer language This one is created thanks to the incorporation of principles from C and C++. Well, for its utilization most used for Windows platforms. C# is included in the list of most popular and best-selling programming languages because it has its own quality and uniqueness that distinguishes it from other types of computer languages.


Later in the programming language there is also the name ActionScript which is a type of language created based on ECMAScript. It is usually used in the development of a website and software that utilizes the Adobe Flash Player Platform. For the history of its emergence was initiated from Macromedia which developed the programming language. However, for now it is already owned and continued the development process by Adobe, because in the year 2005 Adobe has purchased the Macromedia.

ActionScript has been used by some applications that are data-driven as Alpha Five. For the time being the latest version of ActionScript is version 3.0 that we previously familiar with Action Script 2.0. This latest version has several advantages over its predecessor.  One of them is the presence of files in Action Script 3.0 can be created separately at runtime. In Indonesia, this one programming language is quite popular because there are many software experts who choose flash based that will utilize ActionScript for coding purposes.


Next is the language of the computer program named Objective-C.  In this computer language this one will be more object oriented. Generally objective-C language will be utilized for application development purposes on Apple devices. Even further for iOS operations already use the programming language of this objective-C. Included in the category of the best programming languages will of course be comparable to their performance and quality to help the development of certain software.

Here's more about the best information that you can make a guide to choosing one or two types of programming languages that you want to learn first. Because, not all, you need to focus on a specific programming language, because it is impossible for you to be able to go deeper into it. To be a person who is skilled in the field of programmers or informatics engineering, you can use a yearly. Learning a programming language is not easy, for that with the information available this is expected to help you to better aim and focus.

These are more effective programming learning tips and solutions. Whether you are a school child, a student or a college, worker, businessman, etc. by applying where the programming language you want to be in first will make you most likely to succeed. Feel free to follow also a study training program or guidance from a more experienced person and also prepare the facilities you need for it. Whether you want to experiment with apps or software on your Android phone or smartphone, computer and laptop, good luck and congratulations try!

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